From Musiic…

Ok, so we want to share things with you guys, “our tribe”, that we think are cool.

So some of you have probably heard of the band Death and if you have but didn’t share, I’ll be kinda pissed ;) It’s been a bit of an obsession of mine lately. This music, I feel, was pulled from the great realm of pure inspiration and does not try to imitate.

Check out the trailer for “A Band Called Death: Before There Was Punk”

if you love punk music, as I do, you will find this bit of history amazing. It predates the RAMONES! It’s a story of pure creativity, determination, having a vision, and what I took from it was love. Love for what you do and the belief that the voice in your head to do what you were born to do must be done. To blaze that trail even if you don’t see the road because no one has traveled down that way before.

I totally hesitated sending this on our kid/family website lol but if you know me at all you know this is how I roll! Enjoy!!

And here’s a great article written about this great discovery in the New York Times.

Love, Musiic



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