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We’re excited to share with you that 3% of every class we teach will be donated to foundations serving children and families. More details coming soon.


Please check the schedule to find a day and time that works for your class, then email us for pricing and sign up info.

LOVEMUSIIC  3 months – 3 years

A class for ages 3 months – 3 years where kids discover a love for music. And parents discover a class that’s as much for them as it is for their child.

“My spirit is lifted every time we come to class”. ~ Jackson & Teddy’s Mama

Shakers, sticks, drums, the parachute, and other musical accoutrements, are played while singing and dancing to music that resonates with all ages.  Could be Run DMC could be Radiohead. You’ll never quite know what kind of music day you’re walking into, but you’ll always know it’ll be good times.

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The inspiration, your kids, and ours. ROXy, magnUS & thaddeUS.  These classes are for our peeps that aren’t so little any more and are ready for MORE.

MUSIIC ROXUS DRUMS  3 – 5 years & 6 – 8 years

Ages 3-5 & 6-8 years: Keeping the good times going, but taking it up a notch. Kids will learn the fundamentals of percussion and drums through musical genres and music from around the world. Theory and composition will be introduced through music games, call and response, and concepts your child will lend their imagination to such as: The Water Cycle, Robots, Fairies & Gnomes, Space, Animals, and ya don’t stop!

MUSIIC ROXUS GUITAR/UKULELE  5 – 7 years & 8 years+

Ages 5-7 & 8 and up: Group Guitar or Ukulele classes where kids will learn to play and sing. Music you may hear them playing? The Beatles, Queen, Coldplay, and ones they bring into class wanting to learn!

GARAGE BAND  8 years+
Ages 8 & up: We know…your child and their friends have been talking about starting a band. So let’s get them started. Mat will teach them Garage Band and how to create their own music, which of course they’ll perform.

SINGING  5 – 7 years & 8 years+
Ages 5-7 & 8 and up: A class where a group of friends, who might not be interested in playing an instrument, can sing their hearts out. They’ll be singing Katy Perry, ACDC, Jack Johnson, Nina Simone, as well as their own lyrics set to music by Mat.

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FOODIES  2.5 years+

For the little ones we’ll be broadening their palettes and making snacks.  For older ones (ages 6 and up) we’ll be cooking up seasonal eats.  Snacks, Treats, Salads, Smoothies and Meals will be made.  Foodies is for both the picky eater and the burgeoning chef.  Children will learn about seasonal foods, cuisine from around the world,  where their food comes from, AND create/taste test their own eats and treats.  In this class food becomes a new experimental playground for your children.  Prepare to be amazed by what your children are capable of making and more importantly, eating!

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TINY THYME  15 months – 4 years

Tiny Thyme Transitional Program was created as a gentle and supportive opportunity for children ages 15 months – 4 years. Tiny Thyme is a 3 hour, 2 – 3 day a week in-home program that runs from September through June.

The roots of our program come from a belief that play, guided discovery, and creative exploration enable children’s minds and spirits to soar. Children are nurtured in social interactions, gain awareness of the world, and discover the fundamental idea of respect for all living beings and the environment. Our program has been shaped by our experiences with children, as well as conversations with parents and skilled early childhood educators.

Each class has an educational theme woven through free play, circle time, discovery activities, arts (movement, music, visual arts), cooking, science projects, stories, and reflection.




    What I love about class is how it brings the children together. A child could be playing with a toy across the room or clinging to mom, but once the music starts, they come in close and join the fun!

    - Jasmine and Jake's Mama

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